Mr. Shahud Ahmed
  • Independent Director
    Baraka Power Limited
  • Chairman
    NRC (Baraka Power Limited)
  • Member
    Audit Committee (Baraka Power Limited)

Mr. Shahud Ahmed

Independent Director

Mr. Shahud Ahmed was born in Sylhet, Bangladesh. He has been appointed as an Independent Director of Baraka Power Limited on September 28, 2022. During his professional career, he has 25 years of working experience in Banking industry of Bangladesh. He worked in AB Bank, Oriental Bank, Trust Bank at Branch and Head Office level in different capacity throughout his Banking career. By his superior management quality, he was actively involved with unvarying assignments as Head of Islamic Banking Division, HRD, IC&C division, Retail Banking Division during his tenure in Trust Bank (2005 – 2018). He was the nominated the Chief Anti Money Laundering Compliance Officer (CAMLCO) of Trust Bank Ltd.  Mr. Shahud Ahmed also served as the Managing Director of Trust Bank Investment Ltd.

Mr. Ahmed completed his Masters of Commerce in Marketing and Bachelor of Commerce in Management from University of Chittagong. He has effective administrative, interpersonal and communication capability. He has specialty in operation management, HRM and internal control & compliance. He is closely involved with many social activities and always come forward to help the distressed people.